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At AMTA ARGC, we are a world-class practice specializing in Structural Engineering Services. Our team of designers, engineers, and advisors achieves transformative outcomes for communities and clients through an integrated and interconnected group of experts who are passionate about their work.

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AMTA ARGC: Your Premier Choice for Structural Engineering Services in London. We specialize in comprehensive structural engineering solutions, including structural planning, interior design infrastructure, ground work, construction management, scope management, estimation, schedule management, and procurement. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-quality results for your construction projects.


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At AMTA ARGC, we are a specialized engineering firm devoted to Structural Engineering, emphasizing Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Our comprehensive services include structural planning, interior design infrastructure, and ground work. Expertise extends to construction management, Scope management, Estimation, Schedule Management, and Procurement. Committed to ensuring health and safety, we excel in every aspect of advanced manufacturing excellence.

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Our own developed 15 phase process to leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints is like no other. 

Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering

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  • Excellent and very knowledgeable in his field, I would highly recommend his services. Thank you.

    Jhon Kay Avatar Jhon Kay
    December 14, 2022

    Fantastic company. Very quick to respond. We own a construction company and called for a site visit. He arranged to come out next day. Very friendly offered a quote and... read more

    Lisa O'Donnell Avatar Lisa O'Donnell
    February 21, 2023

    Speedy service , detail for the approval of the work to be carried out. Lots of detailed advice and recommendations.

    Derek Bailey Avatar Derek Bailey
    December 14, 2022

    Emad brought in a completely bespoke and rather elegant solution to my loft conversion and oversaw the construction. I am so glad to have met a responsive engineer who understood... read more

    Silau Hinaroo Avatar Silau Hinaroo
    December 14, 2022
  • We first contacted Imad to obtain some urgent structural drawings for a ground floor extension. He helped us get through a very difficult approval process with both neighbours and Building... read more

    Vicky Day Avatar Vicky Day
    February 14, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

A consulting engineer, often known as a construction consultant, is a fully independent professional engineer who provides in-depth engineering services to a customer in exchange for a predetermined fee. In order to practise as a Professional Engineer, a consulting engineer must be registered in the state or nation where they currently reside.

The section of services that a consulting engineer provides not only cater to a particular profile but also to general practise. The consulting engineer must maintain his objectivity and lack of influence when laying forth his recommendations.

A consulting engineer along with his expertise field has various other qualities which enhance the work quality over the field. Some examples are given below:

A good working knowledge of business and financial procedures.

Human relations and team spirit are essential for maintaining high morale.

Data-driven leadership skills to persuade clients

Excellent language skills are required to converse in a foreign language with clients in another country.

Maintaining sanctity by refusing to accept any commissions in the delivery materials.

Examination of the Problem

The construction consultant must investigate the problem on the job site, which may necessitate some engineering calculations. Some consultants may also require a site visit to inspect the structure and equipment. Consultants must also review client reports and investigations.

Feasibility studies

Following the completion of survey and engineering studies on the site, these reports are critical in determining the feasibility of the project. These reports are also required to confirm the engineering solution chosen and the economic feasibility of the structure. The feasibility report takes into account the project’s requirements and special needs, the estimated construction cost, alternate solutions, and expert recommendations and conclusions.

Engineering layout

This includes the dimensions and physical characteristics of the structure that will be built. The dimensions of the structure are presented in the form of a drawing, which is referred to as a blueprint in layman’s terms. These blueprints are supplemented by written documents, which are commonly referred to as.

The role of a consultant in construction projects is to assist clients in selecting the best contractor for the project or in purchasing materials. Procurement is a critical process in which a consultant typically accepts proposals from one or more material suppliers and makes a selection based on material quality and economic feasibility.

Bids are solicited from manufacturers and contractors via public notices, which are accompanied by plans, specifications, bids, and contract documents in accordance with the legal documents. As the bids and renderings become public, the consulting civil engineer recommends the best contractor based on the bids submitted to the client.

The consultant must keep a close eye on the construction, which is divided into two sections: general supervision and resident supervision:

General oversight

Regular and timely visits to the site

Consultation and advice to the client/owner

Plan drawings and specifications for interpretation

Verifying the authenticity of the provided drawing and data

Estimating and processing contractor progress and future payments

advising on contractor contract amendments

Project final inspection and validation

Creating “as-built” drawings

Resident oversight

This aspect of supervision necessitates the consulting engineer sending a representative or an engineer to the project site.

The resident engineer on the jobsite ensures that the structure is built according to specifications and plans.

Consultants serve as experts in court proceedings, advising clients and lawyers on engineering-related issues.
We hope you now understand the importance of construction consultants in project management.

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