Structural Steel Beams

The Advantages of Structural Steel Beams in Modern Construction

Structural Steel Beams Have you ever wondered what makes some modern buildings stand tall and resilient against time? It's not just about bricks and mortar; it's the magic of structural steel beams. Let's dive into the incredible world of steel beams and discover why they're the unsung heroes of modern construction.Read More »
Structural Steel Beams

The Unsung Heroes of Urban Development: Soil Engineers

Soil Engineering in Urban Development: The Unsung Heroes In the bustling world of urban development, where skyscrapers reach for the skies, and new communities spring from the ground, the heroes of construction often go unnoticed. Among these unsung heroes are soil engineers, whose expertise lays the foundation for safe, durable,Read More »
Early Subsidence Detection in Historic Buildings

The Vital Role of Early Subsidence Detection in Preserving Historic Buildings

Preserving Our Heritage: Early Subsidence Detection in Historic Buildings The UK is celebrated for its profound historical heritage, showcased in its vast collection of historic buildings and monuments. These structures not only offer a glimpse into the nation’s rich past but also stand as monuments to centuries of architectural brilliance.Read More »
AGCTO subsidence measurement device

We Hold the UK’s Only Device Developed by AGCto Measure Subsidence

In the realm of structural engineering and construction, understanding and mitigating the impacts of subsidence are crucial for the longevity and safety of any infrastructure. It's a challenge that demands precision, insight, and innovation. Here at AGC, we've risen to this challenge by developing the UK's only AGCTO subsidence measurementRead More »
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