Our Projects

Completed Construction Projects:

  • Shooting Range facility 45 Lm span, The first in the world 2015
  • Training Facility at AREA 41 Zayed military city FMW ( French Military Work ) 2014 Temple upgrade building FMW 2014
  • STP upgrade using LG technology.
  • Roads Jabel Ali Military Camp; 2013
  • Irrigation Network for Al Minhad Air Base; 2013
  • Civil works for Manhole at Al Falah Sharjah; 2013
  • Civil Works at Zayed Military Hospital, Abu Dhabi; 2013
  • Design & Built for Drying Bed at Al Falah Site; 2013;
  • Design & Built for Operator Pump Room in Al Maryal Camp; 2012 Sewage Network Works at Al Falah Camp; 2013;
  • Design & Built for Sewage Network at Jabel Ali Military Camp; 2012.
  • 5 km sewerage network with 100 Manholes.
  • Construction of Manhole And RCC Foundation at Al Falah Military Camp; 2012
  • Construction of a Standard Operator Room with RO Packages at Al Maryal Site; 2012 Construction of Reinforced Concrete Water Tank at Al Maryal Camp; 2011 Maintenance Work for STP at Al Minhad Air Base; 2011
  • 11kM Supply & Installation of Sewage Networks at Moqatra Military Camp, 2011. 226 Manholes Cast in Situ ranges between 1m to 7 m deep.
  • Full package Sewage Treatment Plant, Operator Room, and Lifting Station at Moqatra Military Camp; 2011
  • Construction of RO package at Sharjah Al Badia; 2011 Work Station for STP Tank At Al Minhad Air Base; 2011 Construction of 5 Villas in Abudhabi; 2008
  • Design Work for EGDS (Gas Pipeline from Qatar to Abu Dhabi); 2007

Trust and Worth

Our Clients

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